Bleaching can change the color of your teeth by removing stains from the surface and deep inside the teeth. The chemical used in bleaching the teeth is called carbamide peroxide and is available in various concentrations.

In our office, bleaching your teeth can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Because the bleach used in our office is significantly stronger than what is available over the counter, Dr. Vernice will isolate your teeth from your lips and gums prior to applying the bleaching gel to the teeth. In certain instances a light is used to speed up the procedure. Occasionally, more than one visit is required to achieve the desired result or you may be given a custom made mouthpiece and take- home kit to enhance the result.

Bleaching does not work for everyone. Bleaching usually works well for most colors of teeth, however, teeth that are grayish colored are generally more difficult to lighten. In addition, teeth that have been bonded, filled or crowned do not bleach and will not match the rest of the teeth after the procedure.

Please call our office to schedule a consultation to see if bleaching is right for you.